Content Marketing Tips from an Internet Marketer

As a marketer, you must be aware of the importance and the indisputable value of content marketing. The prospects and potential benefits that content marketing has to businesses, both small and large cannot be ignored. The thing with content marketing however, for it to work wonders for your business, you will have to have solid strategies in place to take you to the great heights. There are many strategies to be employed, but to start out, let us have a look at the basics of content marketing.

It is not about selling with content marketing

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Content marketing is not to be used to sell your services, products or company as a whole. Far from it, it is to target those people who are not yet potential clients as of yet, those who are still researching and are yet to make a decision and cross over to the potential client camp. You do not have their email address, nor do you know their names.


But as they are conducting their research, on your market place, the products and services that you offer as well as your competitors, you should strive to be their hub and source of basic information of anything related to the industry. Be their trusted destination and they just might be your potential clients. Two things to remember with content marketing are brand awareness and perceived leadership.

Utilize different types of content and resources

There are various sources from which you can get great content for your content marketing. These sources include; the marketing team, company exerts on different subject matters, third party and industry leaders and last but not least, user generated.

Obviously and rightly so, most of the content for the content marketing will be created by the marketing team. You should however not disregard the advantages of using company experts to provide technical information on a product that may just provide a solution to some of the challenges that prospects might have been facing.

Using third party experts can provide you with some level of validation in the industry as a resource doing everything in your power to providing working solutions to numerous problems. Consumer testimonials can have the same effect as this if not greater.

When creating content, be sure to incorporate different forms including blogs, white paper, E-books, videos, info graphics and slide decks. These are just some of the forms content can take and that you can use to your advantage in content marketing – it will widen your area of reach considerably.

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