When parking your car, note curbside regulations and park within marked stalls.

If your car is missing from where you parked it, call the posted phone number to see if it has been towed.

Curb markings

Violating the following curb markings can be expensive. Observe them carefully.

White: Three-minute maximum, (10 minutes at hotels) for active loading only, 24 hours a day, unless otherwise noted. Exception: Airport/Hospital – the driver must stay with the car.

Green: Short-term parking for the posted duration or unlimited time with a visible disabled placard.

Yellow: Twenty-minute loading zone for vehicles with commercial plates only, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Sundays and certain holidays, unless otherwise posted.

Red: No stopping, standing or parking. Be especially observant of the marked fire lanes.

Blue: Reserved for physically disabled persons only with vehicles marked by a California or out-of-state officially issued placard or plate. These violations are vigorously enforced and costly.







Mobile home, Sausalito, California, 1972.

Parking Meters

Some meters only accept quarters. Check posted days and times to see when they’re enforced.

Tow Away Zone

Any location is potentially a tow away zone if you park illegally. Tow away zones are clearly marked and the regulations are strictly enforced. Having your car towed can be expensive.

Contesting a citation

If you do get a ticket and you feel it is a mistake, you may contest it in person, by telephone or by mail within 30 days of issuance.